Is your daughter celebrating her Bat Mitzvah soon?

Give her the gift of Bat Mitzvah Club!

Enroll your daughter in the Bat Mitzvah club and give her the best gifts of all: self confidence, a meaningful Jewish experience, and lasting friendships.

These are Bat Mitzvah gifts that last a lifetime.

What is the Bat Mitzvah Club?

About once a month, girls turning 11 through 13 years old meet for enriching and meaningful discussions about the significance of a Bat Mitzvah.

Club members enjoy a wide range of fun crafts and activities including baking and more

There will be 8 Bat Mitzvah Club meetings, beginning Sunday, October 28,

at Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center in Rydal, 515 Meetinghouse Rd, from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

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