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Sale of Chometz Form

  • The Torah forbids a Jew to own any chometz (bread, cake, beer, etc.) during Passover, so we sell all chometz (left after the search and burning) to a non-Jew, with a Rabbi acting as our agent.

    The non-Jewish buyer gives a small deposit, and the balance becomes a guaranteed loan. The sale of chometz is legally binding, with the balance to be paid after Passover, but he buyer may return it and get back his deposit.

    Place all chometz utensils in a specific room or closet(s) to be sold. These designate places are sealed with tape or locked, not to be opened until after Passover.

    I hereby authorize Rabbi Zushe Gurevitz to dispose of all chometz that may be in my (our) possession wherever it may be, at home, at my (our) place of business, or elsewhere - in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law as incorporated in the special contract for the sale of chometz.

    Must be signed by head of household and preferably by all parties. This form can also be printed and mailed to Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center 515 Meetinghouse Rd Rydal, PA 19046.

    Forms must reach us no later than April 12, 2019. Responsibility cannot be accepted for forms received later.

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