Enjoy the Holiday of Freedom with our communal family at an experience you will remember for a lifetime!  

 The Seder is interactive and the atmosphere is warm; integrated with meaningful commentary, song and  humor. Drink the four cups, eat genuine hand-baked Shmura Matzah, taste traditional Marror and Charoset, and enjoy a delicious full-course meal.  

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Celebrate Passover with Chabad! 

Please click the links to the left for all the information you'll need for Passover with Chabad, services schedule and more!  We look forward to personally greeting you at our Passover Seder! 
In the weeks preceding Passover, it is customary to assist needy families by providing them with funds for their various Holiday expenses and purchases.  
Please click the "Assist the Poor" link: 
Rabbi Gurevitz will represent you in your acts of charity and financial support. 
E-mail us or call our office at 267-536-5757.

Best wishes for a  
Kosher & Happy Passover